Dr. Brendan Palmer

Senior Manager of Data Services & Associate Biostatistician

Dr Brendan Palmer joined the HRB CRF-UCC in 2017. Brendan works within the Statistics, Data & Analysis Unit (SDAU) in a role that focuses on providing data management and statistical supports to academic-led clinical trials. This includes, but is not limited to, advice on the data needs of project pre-initiation, design and construction of electronic databases, data visualisation, analytical pipeline development, reproducible reporting and data publication supports.

Brendan also contributes to the MSc Clinical Trials (CKU17) and delivery of the postgraduate module, Reproducible Research Practices using R (PG6030). Brendan is a Health Research Board data steward and is in place to advise researchers on approaches to, and the implementation of, the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management and stewardship for investigators engaged in patient focused research.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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