Public Patient Involvement (PPI)

Public involvement in research in Ireland sits in a changing and evolving environment. There is now a greater commitment to and acknowledgment of, the importance and contribution public involvement can make to research. There are now far more organisations and individuals supporting public involvement (for example IPPOSI) and there are also many more researchers and research funders working alongside the public for the first time (for example the Health Research Board).

Funders of Clinical research now advocate for PPI approaches to be embedded in research projects. For example, the HRB Strategy 2016 – 2020: Research. Evidence. Action. includes a commitment to develop and promote public and patient involvement (PPI) within the HRB and in HRB-supported projects and programmes.

The HRB CRF-UCC can provide the support and advice to investigators on how to address PPI issues in funding applications and how to incorporate PPI approaches into funded research. See below for further details.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the Covid-19 situation, in advance of attending for a scheduled patient visit, please confirm the visit with your research nurse.