The HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network

The HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network (HRB-TMRN) is a collaborative initiative between a number of Irish and international higher education institutes and methodology centres. Its mission is to strengthen the methodology and reporting of trials in health and social care on the island of Ireland so that they become more relevant, accessible and influential for patients and other service users, practitioners, policy makers and the public. This will be achieved through a programme of work relating to the methodology of trials and focused on:

  1. Support
  2. Training and Education
  3. Research and Innovation.

The HRB-TMRN offers a wide range of training and education events nationally, across all areas relevant to trial methodology. Talk to us today about bringing training opportunities to your institution or to discuss topics for which you would like training.

For further information, visit the HRB TMRN website 

Dr Frances Shiely is the UCC TMRN lead and Damian O’Driscoll is the UCC TMRN liaison officer. You may contact both by email at and 


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the Covid-19 situation, in advance of attending for a scheduled patient visit, please confirm the visit with your research nurse.