Statistics & Data Analysis Unit (Education)

Contact: Dr. Darren Dahly

Principal Statistician

The Statistics & Data Analysis Unit provides statistical to support clinical investigators in and around Cork, at all stages of the research process. We operate under a quality control system suitable for regulated studies, and use open science workflows that promote research integrity

We regularly offer workshops in the areas of statistics, data, and coding using the R programming language for statistical computing. Please see our schedule of upcoming events here, as well as the Cork R-Users group. We can also deliver bespoke workshops for your research group.

For further information please go to the external Statistics & Data Analysis Unit website:

Current courses:

Introductory R workshop: The tidyverse and beyond

The lecture notes and R scripts given in the link below are from an introductory R workshop hosted by the HRB CRF-UCC in the Spring of 2018. The lecture notes are punctuated with prompts to jump into the R scripts as you go and to see what we’re talking about. All the scripts are composed so that you can run each line yourself and get the outputs you expect. At certain points there are exercises for you to complete yourself, which hopefully will allow you to get a feel for writing your own code.

Please contact Dr Darren Dahly Principal Statistician (

Course materials


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In light of the Covid-19 situation, in advance of attending for a scheduled patient visit, please confirm the visit with your research nurse.