PPI in Clinical Research

Contact: Joanne Walsh Crowley

Director of Operations & Clinical Trials

Patient Public Involvement – Funding Applications

The HRB CRF-UCC can support and advise to investigators on how to address PPI issues in funding applications.

  • PPI Content for Funding applications:

The HRB CRF-C have experience in addressing PPI issues in a variety of funding calls/awards. We can work with investigators to develop text which describes any public involvement in their research throughout the various stages of the research cycle (i.e. research design, conduct, analysis and dissemination, etc.).

  • PPI Budget

Typically funders will insist that where members of the public/patients are involved, they must be compensated for their time and contributions and that this should be reflected in the project budget.

The HRB CRF-C can provide advice on appropriate budgets for the full range of PPI activity in clinical research. This guidance is based on the estimates for PPI activity developed by the national PPI in Clinical Research Working Group and guidance developed by INVOLVE (Involvement-Cost-Calculator, 2018). PPI costs may include:

  • Payment & Reward: Payments and rewards for members of the public in recognition of time, skills and expertise.
  • Expenses: Out of pocket expenses that members of the public will incur by getting involved.
  • Involvement activity: The cost of the specific activities for involving members of the public (e.g. hiring rooms/refreshments for patient training)
  • Involvement staffing: Costs of any staff required to support or carry out involvement in research (e.g. PPI coordinator/facilitator, administration, etc.) .

You can contact Joanne Walsh Crowley to discuss the HRB HRB CRF-UCC PPI Support Service –  Research Funding Applications


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