Academic Funding Application Support

Each year the Clinical Research Facility at UCC (HRB CRF-UCC) supports numerous funding applications to a variety of Funding Schemes (including Horizon 2020, HRB Definitive Intervention and Feasibility Awards (DIFA), HRB Investigator Led Projects Award (ILP), etc.)

The HRB CRF-UCC serves as a full service Academic Research Organisation. We are available to support applications to such funding award schemes as resources allow. Our project-management trained Grant Facilitators are adept at ensuring on time grant submission and have extensive successful experience with all major academic funders including European funded multinational studies. They can provide advice and assistance on:

  • Research Design and Methodology
  • Statistics
  • Project management (including gantt charts)
  • Systematic reviews
  • Project Budgets
  • FAIR Data Management

(Please see below for further details)

Please note that in our experience, meaningful support for applications can only be provided by the HRB CRF-UCC if we are contacted regarding a submission in a timely manner.

What to do now?
If you are interested in applying for funding (such as Horizon 2020, HRB Definitive Intervention and feasibility Award (DIFA), HRB Training Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals (HPF), etc.) and you would like the HRB CRF-UCC to support your application, please complete the grant application support request form located at and e-mail to



Applications will be assessed of a first come first served basis. HRB CRF-UCC will review the application and determine the viability of the proposal, the extent of services to be provided and whether the HRB CRF-UCC can support .This will also depend on the number of support applications received by HRB CRF-UCC.

All the activity of the HRB Clinical Research Facility must be appropriately funded. However, the HRB CRF-UCC are happy to help write funding applications as co-investigators or collaborators (depending on the degree of required support) at no cost, with the expectation that our input will be appropriately funded should the application be successful.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the Covid-19 situation, in advance of attending for a scheduled patient visit, please confirm the visit with your research nurse.