Public Patient Involvement (PPI) Activities at the HRB CRF-UCC

1. Member of the national PPI in Clinical Research Working Group

Since 2016, IPPOSI has partnered with Clinical Research Coordination Ireland (CRCI) on the topic of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in clinical research.

A working group consisting of IPPOSI board members, the network of Clinical Research Centres/Facilities in Ireland, as well as CRCI and IPPOSI representatives is working collaboratively on a number of activities under the CRCI and IPPOSI umbrellas, to promote active PPI as part of the infrastructure for clinical research in Ireland. The group meets on a quarterly basis, usually in one of the CRCs/CRFs around Ireland.


2. Public Patient Involvement Strategy

The HRB CRF-UCC is currently developing a Public Patient Involvement strategy. The Aim of this strategy is to support and promote high quality PPI in Clinical Research conducted at the HRB Clinical Research Facility at UCC.

The Strategy Objectives include:

  • To broaden the group of researchers involved in patient focused research and affiliated with the HRB CRF-UCC who meaningfully involve members of the public and patients in their research in accordance with the core principles and values of PPI.
  • To improve the quality of PPI approaches in the Clinical Research supported and carried out at the HRB CRF-UCC by promoting interactions that are seen as fruitful and beneficial by both researchers and PPI contributors.


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the Covid-19 situation, in advance of attending for a scheduled patient visit, please confirm the visit with your research nurse.